SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

Underground mining modifies the in situ stressfield and results in stress redistribution around the excavations. Depending on the mine geometry and geotechnical environment, failure of the surrounding rock mass can result in the release of seismic energy.

The resultant seismicity may have little or no impact on operations or be discernible to the untrained observer. In certain circumstances however, the resultant seismicity can result in significant damage to underground and surface infrastructure and present a safety hazard to mine and other personnel.

SCT has worked closely with a range of field service providers to assist with the analysis of micro-seismic data from mine monitoring networks. SCT has integrated seismic energy calculations into our numerical modelling code to assist with defining the timing, style and magnitude of micro-seismic events.

For more information on mining induced seismicity, please contact Winton Gale or Dr Ken Mills.

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