SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)


Prior to embarking on geotechnical design studies, the first step is to build a robust Ground Conditions Model. The Ground Conditions Model should identify the nature and distribution of geotechnical hazards for the project – and provide a measure of their variation and distribution. Quantitative assessment of key parameters are essential inputs to the design process.

Geotechnical characterisation begins with planning a well structured site investigation and data capture program suited to the needs of the project. Often a staged program of investigation is appropriate – managing cost and understanding.

A particular strength of SCT is the synthesis and integration of a range of geotechnical data into a cohesive picture of the geotechnical environment. We are used to managing large digital data sets – sorting through the maze of data to construct a robust model of the geotechnical conditions at your site.

“Systematic and ongoing evaluation of strata control hazards minimises their unexpectedness”

SCT staff utilise a range of industry and in-house geotechnical characterisation tools to find an approach best suited to your project.

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