SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

4.1.4 example well interpSCT can assist with the evaluation and interpretation of wireline and image log data from a range of hardware platforms. We have worked closely with the major service providers and regularly update our WellCAD software platform with training from the ALT team.

Assessment of geotechnical conditions from a range of wireline sondes is a powerful tool that supplements coring and laboratory testing programs. We see significant benefit in integrating data from a range of sources to provide a more complete picture of the rockmass.

SCT conducts image log analysis from acoustic and optical televiewer logs as well as FMI resistivity tools. Assessments include identification of borehole breakout and DITF for stress analysis as well as more traditional fracture and geological structural analysis.

P wave and Full Waveform sonic logs are analysed for a range of complimentary strength and fracturing assessments. Lithological assessments based on a traditional suite of density, gamma and neutron logs assist in identification and characterisation of strata control hazards including swelling clays.

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