SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

For nearly 30 years, SCT has incorporated numerical simulation of rockmass and reinforcement behaviour into our design process. We have validated our 2D and 3D design approach for small scale tunnels to large scale caving operations in Australia and globally. Peer reviewed publications that detail our approach can be found here.

Using a “first principles” approach, we start with quantification of the geotechnical environment through field measurement and laboratory testing. A detailed model of the ground is built that incorporates real world measurable parameters to enable repeatability and comparison from site to site.

Output from the models identify the mechanics of ground response – the timing, style and location of strata failure. Simulated extensometer plots, reinforcement loading and fracture conductivity can be determined. Where appropriate, coupled mechanical and fluid models are run to assist with groundwater and gas studies.

Particular value can be gained from numerical simulation in areas as diverse as critical infrastructure (underground belt chambers, installation faces, complex intersections) to optimisation of reinforcement placement from new equipment.

SCT have long established links with Itasca Consulting Group and utilise proprietary constitutive models within the FLAC2D and FLAC3D modelling environments.

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