SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

3.7.2 Geological ServicesGeological Mapping

Geological mapping forms the basis for understanding all mine sites and the conditions contained within. A complete mapping of a mines geology is essential in providing critical guidance to the mine operators.

SCT has personnel experienced in surface and underground geological mapping in soft-rock and hard-rock mines. Coal mine stratigraphy, geology, structure and condition mapping are areas of expertise offered from SCT. Training of junior geologists and site geotechnical staff is also offered to enable site staff in understanding the characteristics of their pit.

Geotechnical and Geological Assistance

Application of geomechanical principles to inspection of mine development and extraction has proved essential in successful application of mine primary support, recognising hazards, remediation support, monitoring condition and regular update of hazard plans. SCT can provide full time or part time comprehensive site geotechnical and geological guidance. Projects such as guidance of longwall piloting through faults zones and high risk structures is another area where SCT personnel are experienced.

3.7.2 Open Pit

Drilling Program Design And Management

Exploration and mine definition drilling programs are commonly undertaken to provide new resources for development or for advancing existing resources through to the stage where mining can proceed. These programs require geological and geotechnical technical guidance to proceed successfully.

SCT personnel has experienced personnel who can complete program design, provide field management and the technical support to implement coal and mineral exploration programs.

Mineral Exploration

SCT personnel are available with extensive mineral exploration experience. Base metals, precious metals, diamonds and industrial minerals programs can all be assisted through experienced SCT personnel. From boot and hammer prospecting through to regional program identification of prospective ground.

Geomorphological Investigation

Understanding landforms is useful throughout the mining industry, whether determining the impacts from mining subsidence on rock formations and cultural site, or completion of detailed auger-hole investigations across cultural sites, to digital terrain analysis. Geomorphology is an area SCT can provide guidance and expertise in resolution of many potential areas of concern.

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