SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

Geotechnical consulting to provide best practice solutions to manage geotechnical and strata control risks at your project

SCT provides geotechnical consulting and research services to the mining and civil industries. We have a diverse team of skilled professionals with operational backgrounds in mining and civil construction. We invest heavily in ongoing research and this, combined with the operational focus of our professional staff, ensures that the solutions provided are both effective and practical.

The instrumentation and numerical analysis techniques developed by SCT have led to significant advances in the understanding and design of rock reinforcement systems and the behaviour of excavations in complex stress fields.

We maintain an extensive in-house database of ground behaviour, rock reinforcement and support loading, rock property and stress data. SCT can provide geotechnical characterisation and design assessment for a range of underground and surface mining and civil projects.

SCT has worked in a wide range of coal and metal operations globally – and understand the particular challenges of working in weak, highly stressed ground. We work from a first principles approach to define the unique strata control hazards and design solutions for each project.

Established in 1989, SCT is wholly owned by its staff - ensuring that our team is committed and dedicated to delivering quality solutions for you.

Speak to a SCT specialist for practical solutions to your geotechnical and strata control problems.

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