SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

4.6.1 Impact Assessment

Subsidence Prediction, Statutory Reporting, and Impact Assessment

SCT works closely with coal mining companies, the government, other consulting groups and private individuals to provide a complete understanding of subsidence behaviour and subsidence impacts for environmental assessments, extraction plan assessments and statutory reporting.

SCT’s comprehensive understanding of pillar behaviour, overburden caving behaviour and surface subsidence behaviour mean that the company is uniquely placed to provide an integrated assessment of all factors that may influence subsidence behaviour.

SCT has the capability to extrapolate subsidence predictions around longwall panels to provide a 3D subsidence surface and resulting topographic surface. The subsidence assessments provide predictions for feasibility and environmental impact studies. Subsidence predictions can be supplied in a variety of formats for third party assessments and is often used for groundwater and flood assessments.

Our integrated understanding of mining induced rock fracturing has assisted in bridging the gap between purely subsidence related effects and groundwater interactions within the overburden strata. SCT works closely with hydro-geologists to help formulate groundwater models that accurately reflect the influence of mining operations on the groundwater system.

For more information on subsidence prediction, impact assessments or statutory reporting, please contact Dr Ken Mills or Yvette Heritage.

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