SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

4.1.3 Stress Map BreakoutUnderstanding the variation in horizontal stress direction and stress magnitude at your site is the cornerstone to managing geotechnical risk. For nearly 30 years, SCT has been measuring stress at projects in Australia and globally. We have developed one of the largest proprietary stress measurement databases that enables us to provide a unique insight to your project.

More information regarding our 3D overcoring capability can be found here.

A particular strength of SCT is the ability to provide synthesis and understanding to the complex nature of horizontal stress variation across a project site. Identifying and understanding the key controls on stress direction and magnitude enables good planning and design inputs.

SCT often recommend a combined approach comprising detailed measurement (overcoring) with broad spatial assessment achieved through borehole breakout analysis. Borehole breakout analysis of Acoustic/Optical televiewer and FMI logs is a particular strength of SCT.

Our specialist team can also assess a range of 3rd party stress data including mini-frac, 2D overcore, core relaxation, drilling induced tensile fractures and observational mapping to provide a more complete stress map of your site.

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