SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)

3.6.2 Grinding Grooves SalvageCultural heritage sites that exist on mine leases may be impacted by mining activities. Subsidence resulting from longwall mining may interact with surface rock formations, including grinding grooves, resulting in cracking and disturbance. An assessment of potential impacts can assist in determining the scale of impact and the requirement for mitigation or elimination of impacts.

SCT has participated in a range of archaeological investigations at mine sites, including grinding grooves and rock shelters. The process includes detailed site investigation, documentation and options for site protection or salvage (grinding grooves).

SCT has provided new techniques for documenting and validating sites through digital photogrammetry and three dimensional rendering. Through appropriate mine design and surface treatment, nominated sites can be protected from stress induced fracturing from mining subsidence. Where appropriate, and in consultation with traditional owners, sites can be salvaged after careful assessment and characterisation of the geotechnical environment. Methods of salvage are adapted to suit the individual site condition and requirements.

Projects are conducted as part of a broader team comprising site traditional owners, client archaeologist and associated cultural heritage specialists.

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