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Ground Support Conference held in Perth WA from 10-12 Oct 2023

SCT will be exhibiting RockSHIELD at the 10th International Conference on Ground Support in Mining from 10-12th October 2023 in Perth. Visit us at Booth 11 to see RockSHIELD in action, or hit the ENQUIRE button and request to schedule a private demonstration.



Rock Machanics with anchor labels RockSHIELD® is an innovative geotechnical monitoring system that leverages the power of automation to provide comprehensive insights into the behaviour of rock formations. RockSHIELD enables identification and quantification of timing, failure mode and depth of rock failure. 

Installing the RockSHIELD system enhances geotechnical monitoring capabilities. Monitoring is automated, a significant time saving, and data analysis and alerts provide early warning of changing roof conditions. In turn, enabling the removal of people from roof fall hazards.

RockSHIELD provides:  

  • Remote monitoring of displacement and shear in the rockmass
  • Early detection and warning of movement
  • Enabling ground support optimisation
  • Significant time savings - removing people from inspections (and danger)
  • Dedicated software with intuitive user interface
  • Data logging for historical trends
  • Analysis in tabular or graphical format
  • Complimentary data to LiDAR and convergence monitoring
  • Integration with a range of 3rd party software applications including mXrap and IoT integration

Monitoring roof conditions in underground mines and tunnels from surface.

Installation and network configuration of RockSHIELD is simple, connecting geotechnical monitoring instruments to a central head unit. Data is recorded and using underground wi-fi networks is transmitted wirelessly and displayed graphically via the RockSHIELD software.

RockSHIELD provides mine officials and safety officers with peace of mind and the ability to monitor, act and protect people, plant and operations. 

RockSHIELD - enhanced safety for underground mines and tunnels using WiFi connected instrumentation such as multi-point borehole extensometers. 

Smart instruments are installed into the rock mass. Data is captured by the sensors in the instruments and can be downloaded via the underground wi-fi network and displayed on a handheld tablet or on the surface.  

The RockSHIELD platform can be configured to send alerts at identified movement triggers and data can be displayed at various time intervals such as current shift last shift or even the last 7 days. 

SCT RockSHIELD explainational video

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