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Smart Shear


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Smart Shear - Shear Strip

  • Cost effective routine shear monitoring
  • 3D interpretation of shear displacement
  • No grouting required
  • Customisable design of bay length to suit application
  • Fast and easy installation


The SCT SmartShear is a cost effective routine shear monitoring instrument for borehole application in underground excavations based on a MEMs tiltmeter sensor. SmartShear allows for accurately determining the location, timing, magnitude, and sense of shear displacement in 3D.

SmartShear provides sufficient resolution to resolve discrete bedding plane shear and strata failure surfaces. The instrument allows fast and easy installation into open boreholes. Easy activation of the mechanical anchors means monitoring can start immediately as no borehole grouting is required.

SmartShear can be ordered with customisable bay length to suit any routine or campaign monitor requirements.

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