SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)
  • Ben Blacka

Welcome to SCT's own publications library which contains a collection of recent publications and other resources with reliable research about our technology. 

  • Permeation Grouting of a Subsidence Impacted Watercourse in the Southern Coalfields

    Myrtle Creek has been impacted by the subsidence associated with longwall mining at Tahmoor Coking Coal Mine in Picton, NSW. Specific impacts are fracturing of the rock bed resulting in a reduction in surface flow and pool holding capacity behind the rock bars that are a characteristic of waterways in the southern coalfields. A specific pool, Pool 23, within the impacted Myrtle Creek, was selected for remediation using permeation grouting. First, an investigation was undertaken at Pool 23 to characterise the fracture network and advise on remediation grouting design. The investigation identified the fracture and hydraulic conductivity profiles as well as local hydraulic gradients. Permeation-Grouting-of-a-Subsidence-Impacted-Watercourse-in-the-Southern-Coalfields-BBlacka-MSTS-2022.pdf1.9 MB
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