• Winton Gale

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  • Investigation into Temporary Roof Support Principles - Winton Gale

    An investigation was undertaken in regard to Temporary Roof Support (TRS) systems incorporated into miner bolters. Two and three dimensional modelling was utilised to document the effects a TRS system may have on the surrounding underground environment. TRS systems were found to have little if any effect on strata stability about a simulated roadway but are considered capable of providing protection against minor roof falls where the operator is within the defined protection zone. Each system requires the combination of mesh, bolts and support points to provide a protective zone to the operators. In difficult conditions there is no substitute for bolting as close to the face as possible and the concept of a zone of influence about a support point, as indicated by industry guidelines is not considered as a suitable protection zone. Investigation-into-Temporary-Roof-Support-Principles-W.Gale.pdf1.8 MB
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