SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)
  • Ben Blacka

Welcome to SCT's own publications library which contains a collection of recent publications and other resources with reliable research about our technology. 

  • Measurement of the height of depressurisation and fracturing above a longwall panel

    This paper presents the findings of a program of work to determine the height of mining induced fracturing and the height of groundwater depressurisation above a longwall panel. The program of work utilised two fully cored boreholes drilled from surface at Tahmoor Colliery, located southwest of Sydney in the Southern Coalfields in New South Wales. The boreholes were drilled adjacent to and over a subcritical longwall panel, one before and one after extraction of the longwall panel. Measurement-of-the-height-of-depressurisation-and-fracturing-above-a-longwall-panel-BBlacka-and-ARippon-2024.pdf1.7 MB
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