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4 Anchor Rock-IT Analogue (150mm)

Minimum order quantity 7 (1 box).


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4 Anchor Rock-IT (Rock Indicator Tool) Roadway Monitor with 150mm arms

  • Industry Standard in Routine Monitoring
  • 4 Anchor
  • High visibility reflective scale
  • 150mm travel
  • 1mm accuracy
  • Re-settable with large retaining knob
  • Hole size 27mm – 57mm

Available sizes:

  • RIT4M-10S-150 - medium collar (38mm-45mm) small spring anchors (27mm-35mm) (Non stock item)
  • RIT4M-10M-150 - medium collar (38mm-45mm) medium spring anchors (38mm-45mm) (Non stock item)
  • RIT4L-10L-150 - large collar (50mm-57mm) large spring anchors (50mm-57mm) (Non stock item)

The ROCK-IT is an easily installed device used to measure displacement in four horizons about mine roadways. The layout and size of the reading indicators allow for fast, accurate and continuous measurement of strata movement.

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