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SCT are proud to work with a leading mining house in Sweden

Jesse Puller in Sweden - April 2017

SCT's latest underground stress measuring technology applied in Northern Sweden.

Last week, one of our Senior Engineering Geologists, Jesse Puller, conducted several underground overcore stress measurements at LKAB's Kirunavarra Mine. The project forms part of an ongoing campaign between SCT, LKAB and CSIRO which uses our new wireline deployed downhole logger technology to measure 3D in situ stress. The venture achieved good confidence measurements, providing a valuable insight into the mines rock behaviour.

"It was an amazing opportunity to see how the Swedes run a world class operation in testing geotechnical (and atmospheric!) conditions." - Jesse Puller

Jesse returned to Sweden for the second time this year and was thankful for last weeks 'warmer' conditions. The image below was taken at an air temperature of -3°C, a lot more tolerable than his trip in January where the temperature averaged -20°C.

IMG 4990

More details to come as the project progresses.

If you would like more information regarding the ANZI stress cell, please contact Dr Ken Mills or Jesse Puller.

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