SCT Operations (Strata Control Technology)
Pike River Mine Re-entry - Recovery Process Begins

Pike River Mine Deputy Kirk Neilson, Chief Operating Officer Dinghy Pattinson and SCT Personnel Chris Lee (at right), entering Pike River Mine for the first time after its collapse.

The Pike River Recovery Agency has embarked on the Drift Recovery Phase – with the initial manned re-entry to the mine taking place on Tuesday 21st May.  SCT Senior Geotechnical Engineer Rick Lee formed part of a three man team with Dinghy Pattinson (Chief Operating Officer) and Kirk Neilson (Mine Deputy). 

The first inspection breached the 30m seal and inspected drift conditions a short distance inbye the seal.  This was a milestone event for both the Pike River Recovery Agency, NZ Government and the NZ people, but importantly the 29 families who lost loved ones in the 2010 explosion.


Geotechnical engineer Chris Lee (at right), Mine Deputy Kirk Neilson and Chief Operating Officer Dinghy Pattinson opening the doors to the mine. Photo Credit: Pike River Recovery Agency

The re-entry phase marks the second stage of the PRRA’s planned objectives.  Stage 1 – the Planning Phase – was initiated early in 2018.  SCT personnel, including Managing Director Stuart MacGregor and Senior Geotechnical Engineer Rick Lee, have been working closely with the PRRA and other technical experts to formulate a safe re-entry plan.

Whilst a difficult and challenging project on many levels, SCT are committed to managing the geotechnical risk through the ongoing drift recovery phase and working alongside the PRRA, Families Reference Group and other key stakeholders.


SCT Managing Director Stuart MacGregor  (3rd from left) during September 2018 Risk Workshop.  Stage 1 – Planning – took place through 2018 and involved technical experts globally and locally – with a strong West Coast representation.
Photo Credit: Pike River Recovery Agency.


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