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ANZI Stress Cell

18 gauge inflatable stress cell to suite 57mm diameter borehole for measurement or monitoring


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  • Advanced design with 18 gauges gives full redundancy
  • Resolve 3D stress field
  • Proven in coal and weak rock
  • Measurement and monitoring capability
  • Full service available

The ANZI (Australia New Zealand Inflatable) Stress Cell is an instrument for measuring three dimensional in situ stresses and stress changes in rock strata.

The ANZI Cell consists of a soft inflatable membrane with 18 electrical resistance strain gauges mounted flush on its outer surface. These gauges are glued to the surface of the borehole to directly measure any strain changes that occur in the rock.

The ANZI Cell has characteristics that:

  • remove many of the drilling constraints
  • extend the range of rock types in which stress measurements can be made
  • greatly simplify the analysis procedure

The ANZI Cell has been used successfully in a wide range of conditions from coal and weak saturated sandstones through to very hard pebbly conglomerates and mass concrete.

The instrument is now widely used in underground mining investigations in Australia and has been used in United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Japan and Vietnam.

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