Liliana Roccazzella

Liliana Roccazzella

Senior Draftsperson / Technical & Graphic Designer / Media Manager

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Liliana Roccazzella joined SCT Operations in April 2017 as a Senior Draftsperson / Technical & Graphic Designer. Liliana's skills and experience have been obtained whilst working in the Marketing/Creative Departments of companies that focus on areas such as Engineering, Industrial, Fashion, Retail, Talent Agency, Hospitality, Print Production, Publication House, Community Organisation as well as working with B2B clients and freelance projects.

While working with SCT, Liliana's areas of work range from website management, digital advertising, product advertising and promotional material, drafting images, assisting with the design of figures and illustrations for technical reports, working with AUTO CAD Mine Plans, to maintaining and updating the interior office space. Liliana enjoys the team dynamics and meticulous work that SCT has to offer.




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