Luc Daigle

Luc Daigle

Senior Engineering Geologist

Luc Daigle has 33 years experience in the mining and exploration industry in field-based programs and established mine sites. This mine site experience includes both surface and underground operations, with particular expertise in:

  • Design and supervision of exploration programs.
  • Underground Geology, geotechnical and hazards mapping.
  • Compilation of geological hazard plans for longwall mining operations.
  • Structural geology, stratigraphy and sedimentology.
  • Strata control investigations and support design.
  • Roof fall investigations and remedial support design.
  • Design and installation of pore pressure monitoring systems.
  • Design and installation of geotechnical monitoring systems.
  • Mineral Industry risk management.

Luc’s experience covers a broad range of mineral deposit types, geological terranes and rock types. Areas of extensive experience include gold mineralization, base metals, diamonds, and coal geology/mining.

Recent participation in archaeological site investigations in NSW and PNG is a field of interest for Luc, with a focus on geological/geotechnical input into site evaluations and their potential for impact by mining. This also includes providing strategies for site management.

Published Works

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